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So in case you’ve been losing sleep over this, you’d be happy to know all is fine and dandy at Kardashian manor! True, true, things have gotten a little – a little?? – bit crazy with family ties lately, but the clan always embraces diversity and change… or well, King Kyle and the newest addition, Blac Chyna, seem to!

If you were one of those petty people who thought Kylie and Blac Chyna hated each other’s guts, these two just proved you wrong! Sharing a cozy photo on Snapchat – and Instagram… and probably a couple of other social media platforms – the girls looked like the bestest friends forever! And just in case you didn’t get that vibe, they captioned it:

“When we’ve been best friends the whole time”

Kylie in Blac Chyna’s snapchat (blacchynala)

A photo posted by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on Apr 21, 2016 at 2:01pm PDT

Kylie in Blac Chyna’s snapchat (blacchynala)

A photo posted by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on Apr 21, 2016 at 1:59pm PDT

You know, having both slept with the same guy, and indirectly sharing a son – since Kylie’s kinda Blac Chyna’s kid’s step-mom… hope you got that – it’s quite easy to like each other and be BFFs! Like seriously, how can you not get that!?

However, the rest of the family have yet to comment on this newest plot twist in their lives: Rob and Blac Chyna’s engagement. Though Kylie seems open minded about it, the older ladies may not be so understanding. I mean, Blac Chyna’s other BFF, Amber Rose, is Kim K’s husband’s X – OK, I’m getting a headache – and it’s public knowledge that these two “haven’t been best friends the whole time”.

Quite interesting lives, these Kardashians have. But it does give one a major headache. Stay tuned for more major news from the Kardashian clan.


“Women not girls rule my world.” These were the infamous words from Prince’s 1986 Grammy Award winning song Kiss. The legendary musician Prince has passed away at age 57, much to the horror and distress of loyal fans and celebrity acquaintances alike. During his long iconic career, Prince is said to have won 7 Grammys and written some of the best songs in music history – for both himself and other artists! But that wasn’t the only thing he was known for; Prince had one of the longest, most extensive, as well as impressive lists of beautiful women that he dated – or at least was rumor to have dated – throughout his fabulous life. Most of these women are famous models, dancers, and actresses that hitched a ride on his famous bandwagon, and got a career boost out of his attention.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 women – the sexiest, might we add – that Prince dated in his life:



It’s only fitting to start with the women who is probably as much of a legend as Prince is. Madonna, world known musician, diva, and Material Girl, was rumored to have dated Prince in 1985. However, the two were lifelong friends, and sources say she is devastated by his death.

Kim Basinger


American actress and former fashion model, Kim Basinger was also rumored to have dated Prince, right around the time he released his Batman album and she acted in the Batman movie.

Carmen Electra


Or should we say “Tara Electra”. She dated Prince back in the 90’s and got a song dedicated to her, “Carmen on Top”. In an interview with Oprah, she said that’s when Prince actually gave her the name. He said she was not a “Tara”, but a “Carmen”.

Mayte Garcia


Mayte Garcia was once Prince’s back-up dancer, but turned into a reality star in later years. Garcia and Prince’s love was a tragic story. They were married for 3 years; however, after the death of their infant, the couple couldn’t get over the terrible incident and broke up.

Sherilyn Fenn


Fenn is an American actress who was most known for the cult TV series Twin Peaks. After briefly dating in the 80’s, Prince and Fenn became good friends. Upon hearing the tragic news of his death, Fenn said that “there will only ever be one Prince,” and that Prince inspired and changed her life.


I bet you’re all having a huge laugh and loads of fun with the cute new Snapchat filters. You know, like the bunny one and the doggy one and that hilarious face swap thing. But not everyone was that thrilled about all of their new filters. Take that new 420 inspired Bob Marley filter!

Now according to Snapchat, the filter was supposedly designed in honor of the late Rastafari legend, Bob Marley. But what we cannot get is how smacking a black face with dreadlocks, that inspires “funny” thoughts of people high on weed, is considered honoring… what part exactly?

Many people have been insulted by this filter, saying it is outrageously offensive and racist. Which sort of makes a point, don’t you think? After all, Bob Marley was so much than a singer who smoked weed as a recreational activity. The man wore his dreadlocks to portray strength and his kinship with Africa; he, and everyone that follows his faith, believes that cannabis is a “sacred herb”, not just to smoke with the gang on a Tuesday night for kicks. So, it does come out as shallow and insensitive for people to use the man who preached peace and love as a pothead filter.

And to add to that, the filter doesn’t simply give you the dreads, it gives you a black face. Yup. They went there, and I think it’s suffice to say that everyone knows “black face” is just a huge no-no!


And guess who quickly hopped onto the pothead bandwagon? Well, King Kylie, of course! And since she did, Kylie Jenner’s been bashed by the internet and the media alike over this blunder!

One thing’s weird for sure… the Kardashian clan once dedicated a whole episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” to show Kim’s tragically horrific experience with “black face”. So shouldn’t they be the first to shy away from poor media choices such as this?!


So Game of Thrones is happening soon. You excited? Yea, we’re excited, too. Hmm… wonder if you’re one of those people who watch each episode right after it comes out, or patiently – more like saintly – wait for the whole season to come out and then BINGE! And as we watch, we get angry and crazy over what happens, but then go right back to it, like a toxic relationship, if you ask me.

And while not everyone agrees about their favorite characters – though everyone loves Jon Snow, duh! – everyone absolutely agrees on hating a hand full of characters. So let’s take a look at the list of 10 most hated people on the show; don’t forget to vote for your choice!

PS: We all would’ve loved to add George Martin to the list. I mean, the man’s gotta be pure evil for killing Jon Snow (WHY???!!). It’s just that we’re careful not to offend him: at best he’d kill off Daenerys, at worse he’d keep Jon Snow dead!!!

Joffrey Baratheon


Every one’s favorite guy! Well, everyone’s favorite guy to f*cking despise, more like it! No one, and I mean no one didn’t fantasize about good ol’ Joff being killed off in some bloody and brutal way. I mean, the boy’s the spawn of Satan! Seriously! Killing prostitutes, embarrassing people, chopping off Ned’s head – yeah, this still hurts! – there’s just nothing to not hate about the boy! And while you probably heard people cheer across states back in April 2014 when he got poisoned, you gotta admit. The boy deserved a much more violent death.

Ramsay Bolton


Otherwise known as the local psychopath. It seems like Martin kind of missed Joffrey, so he decided to try his hand at another twisted character. But unlike Joff – who’s pure evil and an utmost coward – Ramsay’s pure evil and pure reckless, too. Now, granted, the guy has some serious daddy issues, but you cannot once sympathize with him. He goes from one level of crazy – chopping Theon’s wiener off – to an all new level – raping Sansa – in a heartbeat!



The Red B* – euh, Witch. She is literally the Devil’s… girlfriend. Back when she was first introduced, she was just another chick that loved to strip down to the nude and have sex, quite a lot. Then, you know, brainwashing Stannis to start her killing spree turned us against her. And birthing a demonic dark shadowy evil baby is one thing, but burning cute little girls at the stake? That’s totally not OK!

Walder Frey


So this guy just decided to ruin his reputation for life. I mean, we hated him as kids when he played Mr. Filch (any Harry Potter fans, here?), then he goes ahead and takes another role as filthy, miserable, bitter old man in Game of Thrones. Why do we hate the Lord of the Crossing? Let’s all remember that one time he aided the Lannisters in killing off Rob Stark, his wife, his unborn child, and his mother. Do we need to say more?

Cersei Lannister


The mother of all evil – that literally being Joffrey up there – who’s one of the most hated characters in the series. She plays her sympathy cards quite well, though, acting the poor cheated wife, the poor broken mother, and the poor raped lover. She also may have drawn a few feels from us back when she confessed to her sins and was shamed all the way to the castle… but no one’s fooled! We probably hate her even more for being such a sly and doubled faced villain.

Tywin Lannister


What a shocker; another Lannister! So we may have simply disliked the man for being a cruel father and a selfishly driven warlord and politician, but throughout the series, we learned to freaking despise the man. I mean, sleeping with your youngest son’s prostitute may have counted as mere A-hole class behavior, but being behind the whole “make him fall in love and break him as I sleep with you on the side” charade… that’s just low!

Roose Bolton


And also another Bolton! Seriously, these two families have the worst gene pools in Westeros and beyond. Roose Bolton is the father of psycho-Ramsay-path, and you could tell the rotten apple didn’t fall far from the tree – but it did get exponentially damaged by the fall. Bolton Sr. was a Stark ally at first, you know sons of the North sticking together and stuff. But that didn’t last long as he was Frey’s partner in the Red Wedding. ‘nuff said.

Petyr Baelish


‘Little Finger’ is quite the confusing one: we all like him one day, then we hate him the other, then we like him again, then we hate him… the guy’s quite the handful; he goes around causing people’s deaths, sticking knives in their backs – betraying Ned Stark probably keeps the hate percentage slightly higher than the like – and just smiles and winks and charms his way through all of it. I mean, you’ve got to agree, he’s the most charismatic villain in the series. But a villain is a villain!

Stannis Baratheon


Well, let’s just all get it out and over with: we’re happy Brienne finished this one off. He wasn’t getting any Daddy of the Year Awards, so he’s better off dead! Sleeping with a crazy witch, cheating on an even crazier wife… that’s all fine and dandy. But killing your little brother, treating your loyal right-hand man like a dog, and burning your own cute little daughter at the stake… well, we’re happy he’ dead. Let’s leave it at that.



Oooooh. That fowl and loathsome little brat! I’d vote him second to Joffrey, if I were you! We all thought little orphaned Olly was such a poor and sad little boy who has found a big brother in brave and valiant Jon Snow. After all, the Wildlings killed his family and he has no one left but the men of the Night’s Watch. But in case you forgot, he killed Ygritte – the circumstances do not matter! – and then the treacherous little imp when ahead and dealt the final stab to Jon Snow. Well, hope he gets what he deserves at the hands of Ghost… or should I say teeth!


Up until Oculus rift brought it back into the spotlight, the world had long forgotten about the vast oceans that virtual reality and augmented reality can open up for us. VR and AR were far from mainstream ideas, concentrated mainly in the gaming sector. I mean, of course, VR gaming is so awesome! It allows the user to dive into the virtual world and immerses him in a landscape that is totally new, while he remains just as stationary as ever before. And while the gaming sector brings in billions of dollars, it is but a fragment of the whole computing industry. Think of it, people use computers for so much more than gaming; communication, web browsing, streaming videos and music are only a few of the many uses of computing. So imagine you could access all that – and more – with VR?

On Monday, Youtube announced a new service that could just be the dawn of a new age; they launched their 360-degree live streaming service, which would allow end-users to generate and upload their own content onto Youtube. Why is that a huge step for VR? Because generating VR content costs way too much time and resources, and that is why there is still so little content available online. But opening up the sphere for internet users and giving them new ways to produce content would add to the currently small pool of VR content available.

Furthermore, Samsung’s Gear VR headset was the first to go completely mainstream with the invention, making it widely available for the public at only $ 99. Not only that, but people are getting more and more chances to buy affordable 360-degree cameras and VR equipment which would encourage them further to experiment with this new technology.

So imagine you could watch a concert on Youtube and be part of that concert. Imagine instead of watching your favorite vlogger tell you about new products, you’d virtually be observing them. How awesome is that? It gets better! Youtube understands that VR equipment is still not so wildly available as it will be in the future; that’s why any VR video available on Youtube will also be available in regular video view!


We all know that one person who obsesses over something and just takes it to the next level all together. There happens to be a bunch of those guys at the Technical University of Munich, and these guys happened to be obsessed with Game of Thrones. Now why are we not surprised? Because, you and I are probably just as obsessed as these nerds.

WARNING – I just love saying this – SPOILER ALERT! Well, statistical spoilers, if these count.

So, it’s 2016 and a data analyst can figure out anything. I mean anything! Including which Game of Thrones characters have the highest probability of biting the dust. In their project A Song of Ice and Data, the students inputted as much data as they could lay their hands on from sources related to both the book and TV series, such as Wiki of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones Wiki, Wikipedia, and Twitter. This data lead them to develop an algorithm that studied over 20 features of the characters in the series, including age, title, gender, number of dead relations, and popularity. The series has a total of 2,028 characters, with males being twice the number of females. The student found out that men are more likely to be noble, and women are more likely to be peasants. However, men were more likely to be killed off, with men having a 33% death chance, and women having 23%.

Furthermore, their algorithm followed a machine-learning process, meaning it kept on scraping and updating risk factors and character features in order to output an optimized set of results. Now, no guessing business is needed to figure out Ned Stark’s death chances; he’s Sean Bean – man’s dead already. But guess what? Jon Snow’s death is a statistical anomaly.

He did not deserve to die! Why? WHY!?!

Ok. Deep breaths. Easy. Read on.

So the algorithm predicted the likelihood of death for all of the characters. On the “most likely to bite it” list were the following names:

Tommen Baratheon

Tommen Baratheon: 97% – makes sense. The boy’s a vulnerable and naïve child king. Easy to kill off.

stannis baratheon

Stannis Baratheon: 96% – well, he’s already dead. Got what he deserved, if you ask us. The man killed his sweet daughter!

daenerys targaryen

Daenerys Targaryan: 95% – you guys love her, some of you probably fantasize about her, but face it. She’s way too popular not to die soon.

davos seaworth

Davos Seaworth: 91% – the guy’s been getting lots of screen time lately; only means one thing…

petyr baelish

Petyr Baelish aka. Little Finger: 91% – guy’s an A-hole, we love him, but he’s an A-hole. That’s as good enough reason as any.