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Taylor Swift just might be every person’s favorite person. Regardless of whether you like her music or not, her dorky, cute, and relatable nature is charming! And leave it to Apple to make the very best of a great situation, and milk it for all its worth.

Monday morning witnessed the release of the second Apple Music Ad this month starring Taylor Swift. The ad, titled “Getting Ready to Go Out”, featured Swift scrolling through her phone on the Apple Music app and picking a Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” song to listen to as she gets ready. Then, Swift goes crazy, adorably lip singing along to the tune. The 1-minute ad finishes off with the line “Every Song for Every Moment”. And within 2 hours, the ad hit 2 million views on Facebook, 28,000 likes on Twitter, and 725,000 likes on Instagram.

The first ad Swift starred in came out on April 1, and featured her running goofily on a treadmill to Drake’s “Jumpman”. Suffice to say that Drake’s song became a hit within hours, followed with an increase of 431% in sales. Jimmy Eats World should be on teeter tots waiting for their pretty fat paycheck anytime soon, we figure.

Swift is one of the most iconic artists of this age which makes her invaluable for Apple Music. She has set records and gained several awards for her work, and has one huge following on social media. Her Instagram account has about 74,000 million followers and her Facebook account has just under 75,000 million. Good job hitching a ride on her bandwagon, Apple!

Still, Apple Music has a long way to go to the top, with only 11 million subscribers. Yes. Only. Since their lead competitor Spotify has about 30 million. Also, not to forget other smaller competitors, like Jay-Z’s Tidal. However, Apple Music does have an edge over the competition as the app comes by default on all Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple TV. They also opted for being not ad supported, something which stars like Swift and Adele have been openly supportive of. Spotify, on the other hand, has the ad supported version, which means subscribers can listen to track for free as long as they also listen to the ads. Swift has gone against this system, saying that free services stop artists from being paid fairly and limit their royalties.

Another feature Apple Music has been focusing on is exclusivity. For instance, Drake just announced that his album Views From the 6 will be available only on Apple Music for the first 7 days after its release; after that, the album will be available on other services.

So far Apple’s had quite the good marketing campaign… with Swift playing anything but a small part!


You must have heard about Australia’s “War on Terrier” here or there. I mean, it’s the joke of the year! And that joke’s just about to get a million times better!

Back in April 21 of last year, Amber Heard was accused of smuggling her two Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo, aboard husband Johnny Depp’s private jet. Heard was then given 72 hours to send her dogs back to the US or else they would be euthanized; that was the threat made by politician Barnaby Joyce.

According to E Online, Heard pleaded guilty to false immigration documents when she entered Australia with her dogs last year and was charged with a 1-month $ 1,000 good behavior bond, which meant she should make any other offenses till May 18. By that, she dodged a 10-year prison sentence and a $ 100,000 fine. And so, Heard, 29, and Depp, 52, filmed this awkward apology video where they took turns reading lines of the statement that was submitted to the Queensland court regarding biosecurity laws. Depp ended the video by solemnly saying:

“Declare everything when you enter Australia. Thanks.”

Now, the internet blew out with the most hilarious reactions to the couple’s torturous video. Here are just a couple of the tweets, just for laughs!



With a string of confused and tired social media posts on each of their own Twitter and Instagram accounts, model Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend welcomed their new born baby girl into this world.

The little baby is named Luna Simone Stephens, born 6 lbs 11 oz, and already causing mommy a lot or exhaustion and lack of sleep!

The model announced her baby’s birth with an Instagram caption saying:

“She’s here! Luna Simone Stephens, we are so in love with you! And sleepy. Very Sleepy.”

She’s here! Luna Simone Stephens, we are so in love with you! And sleepy. Very sleepy. ❤️???

A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on Apr 17, 2016 at 7:32am PDT

The happy couple are “so in love” with their little girl, and we hope to catch a glimpse of her soon!


Well, isn’t that the dream of every 80s and 90s born rocker? The mash-up of the ages!

So, late Saturday night witnessed the official departure of AC/DC’s long time lead vocalist, Brian Johnson. After years of loyalty, dedication, and brain shattering contributions, Johnson has decided to leave the band due to hearing issues.

However, instead of canceling their Rock or Bust world tour, the band announced that Guns N’ Roses’ own lead singer, Axl Rose, will be joining them on the rest of the tour. Rose ran out on Guns N’ Roses’ This Lifetime tour in order to support AC/DC during their own hard times. The band said that they will try their best to go through with the promised tour as they owe it to all their loyal fans.

The tour will start on May 7 in Portugal and finish on June 12 in Denmark. Also, AC/DC’s US tour of 10 shows will be rescheduled and announced soon, also lead by Roses’ vocals. For the full tour dates, check out Guitar World.


Remember those awesome blue people living on that gorgeous alien planet with that epic storyline? No. Not the Smurfs. We’re talking about ‘Avatar’, the awesome animated production that left everyone crying for more when it was released, way back in 2009. And this week, at CinemaCon 2016, fans finally heard the golden words they’ve all been waiting for. James Cameron has announced, not one, not two, not three, but four sequels!

According to the Los Angeles Times, Hollywood’s major players gathered this week in CinemaCon 2016 in Las Vegas, as they announced and discussed big movie names by even bigger producers. On the extended list of new movies were “Finding Dory”, “Captain America: Civil War”, “Passenger”, and “The Free State of Jones”. Also, it was noted that no footage has been revealed by Paramount Pictures on their upcoming “Star Trek Beyond”.


However, it was Fox that delivered the biggest surprise and received the most applause. Chairman Jim Granopulos introduced veteran filmmaker James Cameron as an “up-and-coming” filmmaker. This may be because people might have forgotten about Cameron, as he hasn’t made an appearances since 2011, as he worked on the long-awaited sequels for his hit ‘Avatar’. And finally, Cameron broke the silence about these sequels, announcing that the scripts are almost done and that there are 4 sequels expected to be released around Christmas of 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2023.

He when on to say that these movies are designed to be initially watched on the big screen. Cameron showed an aggressively opposing opinion towards Sean Parker’s Screen Room, a proposed service that would allow people to watch movies for the first time in the homes, for a simple $ 50. Cameron believes that the theater experience cannot be received anywhere but in theaters, and that he shall always remain and great supporter of this.


You know, sometimes we get ticked off by inaccuracies on Wikipedia. Like getting a Led Zeppelin release date wrong, or mistaking Gary Oldman for a Giraffe breed. Seriously, sometimes one cannot but wonder who writes this stuff! So imagine reading a Wikipedia page about yourself full of inaccuracies. You’d surely be ticked. And so was Charles “Tex” Watson, member of the murderous gang of Charles Manson, when he supposedly stumbled upon his Wikipedia page one afternoon as he casually browsed the net from his prison cell. I mean, did they really say he stole $ 70 from his murder victim? My goodness, the nerve!

So according to the Independent, last week, the volunteer team in charge of Watson’s Wikipedia page received a very curious 5 page long corrections request from someone who’s allegedly the convicted murderer Charles “Tex” Watson. Back in 1969, Watson was one of the gang of 4 who were instructed by Charles Manson to go to musician Terry Melcher’s house in the mountains above Beverly Hills and murder everyone. This was part of Manson’s strategy to start a “race war”.


The gang murdered 5 people including film producer Roman Polanski’s wife, and the very heavily pregnant actress Sharon Tate. Furthermore, in his request, Watson told the moderators that he did not steal $ 70 from the purse of victim Alison Folger. He also wrote how it was “not true” that he stabbed Folger 7 times, and requested that it be changed to “Watson assisted [Patricia] Krenwinkel in killing Folger.” Because, you know, details mean the world when someone is doing an act of murder… Watson went on asking for a change to his name from Tex Watson to Charles “Tex” Watson; he also asked the moderators to remove the nickname “Mad Charlie”, saying that he was never known by that name. Moreover, Watson wanted the genders of the 4 kids he had with his X-wife to be removed from the page, and wanted the moderators to add that there has been a public petition against him being granted parole.

Watson is currently serving life sentence for his murders at Mule Creek prison, next to Sacramento in California. Lane Rasberry, the volunteer moderator who received the request, said that the team actually debated whether or not this was really Watson behind the request. However, they ended up agreeing that regardless of who sent it, their priority was whether the information was accurate. Later on, Rasberry posted on her blog about this incident asking, “Should prison inmates be permitted to edit Wikipedia? I pass no judgment on the person making the request. They are incarcerated… and they are free to write letters.” Rasberry went on to say, “I treated them as I would treat anyone else making a request.”

The team kept several of the questioned facts on the page; however, they have added “citation needed” next to these facts. Also, a footnote has been included in the Wikipedia page to support the use of Watson’s nickname “Mad Charlie”.