The Met Museum of Art Adds Over 375,000 Artworks into the Public Domain Reports DesignBump

Earlier this month the renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art revealed that over 375,000 pictures are to be released for public consumption and enjoyment. These art rarities  that can be found in gallery’s online Internet Collection are to be made available to the general public by way of Creative Commons. This means that the artworks can be used free of charge for personal non commercial ventures reports

Creative Common is the charitable institute that makes available artworks such as these from the MET to the general public. They license use of some 1.1 billion electronic artworks such as these from other museums, collections and galleries from around the world.

Over 375,000 Artworks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Released to General Public

This news which will satisfy art lovers everywhere is a major enhancement to the Met’s earlier 2014 campaign to add many thousands of artworks into the public domain. Artworks such as Victorian Interior I. Horace Pippin, 1945. Oil on canvas to name but a few select examples.

The Open Access plan that enables access to these amazing historical artworks restricts any kind of business or commercial use.

The large collection of rare artworks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art includes numerous valuable paintings along with many historic items of significance, and prints that can currently be used anywhere for any kind of purpose. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Director and also CEO Thomas P. Campbell was excited to share in the new news that will excite art lovers everywhere.

We have actually been gearing towards the objective of sharing our artworks and pictures with the public for a number of years. Our extensive art portfolio as well as our varied gallery collection extends across 5,000 years of human society and culture. Also our core goal is to be open to all as well as easily be accessible for all that desire to study our rare art collection.

Of Great Benefit to Galleries and Private Collectors

These artworks should be of great value to many galleries, independent artists and keen collectors everywhere in the world. Now the general public can behold these rare art and print exhibits as well as delight in the new rare artworks that are on display to the general public at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These incredible artworks and private collections are made available for public consumption via way of the Public Domain Artworks ( Creative Commons ) policy now in force at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Read more about this art story on